How will my existing resources be accessed through MackinVIA?

When your existing digital resources are migrated into MackinVIA, a link to the host platform is established. Whenever possible, Mackin will work with the vendor of the product to authenticate it within MackinVIA, so no additional logins are necessary.

How do I add previously purchased resources to my MackinVIA collection?

Digital resources purchased from other vendors can be added using the Add New Resource tool in your MackinVIA Administrator account, or you can request a migration from Mackin’s Digital Services team. Please see our Migration Policy for more information.

Can purchases from other platforms be added to MackinVIA?

Yes – A unique feature of MackinVIA is that you are able to Bring Your Own License. We realize that you may have purchased digital resources before adopting MackinVIA, so we built our platform to be open and robust enough to accommodate this very common request from our customers.

Do I have to assign barcodes to the MARC records?

Assigning barcodes to MARC records for digital resources is optional. It can be useful if you want to keep track of the resources in your library circulation system. Please Note: Some circulation systems require barcodes in the MARC records before allowing the resources to be imported.

Are your digital resources compatible with my library circulation system?

Yes – Every eBook and digital audiobook purchased from Mackin comes with an enhanced MARC record that you can load into your library circulation system. Each record contains a link to the specific title in MackinVIA from the 856 tag. After the MARC records have been loaded into the catalog, users will be able to…

What type of digital content is available?

Currently, Mackin offers more than 2 million eBooks, over 65,000 digital audiobooks, hundreds of educational databases, and a large selection of streaming videos.

How much does MackinVIA™ cost?

There is no fee for the MackinVIA platform. You only pay for the digital content that you choose to purchase for your school or library.

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